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ESE Lightning Arrester

ESE Lightning Arrester

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Installation, Maintenance, Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) Services of ESE Lightning Arresters / Arrestors, ESE Lightning Protection Systems and our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India.
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The principle of an early streamer emission lightning conductor is to artificially generate, with the aid of an ionization mechanism, an early upward leader occurring before the other «natural» upward leaders, in order to establish a privileged impact point of the lightning strike.Diagram showing the operating principle for capturing a lightning strike using an early streamer emission conductor.

Because the capture of a lightning strike is quicker than with a lightning rod, this technology can be used to protect zones spread over a wider area, thus ensuring the protection of large structures.
  • ESE Lightning Rods, fulfils standards UNE 21 186 and NFC 17–102.
  • Radius of protection certified and specific level gain in triggering time value.
  • Effective performance in all types of weather.
  • Fully effective even after being subjected to several lightning strikes.

Advance Lightning Arrester

Ese Lightning Conductor Protection Radius Calculation

The protection radius of protector is calculated by standard formula given in the French standard NF C 17-102. The formulation is based on the lightning conductor triggering advance (ΔT), installation height (h) and the triggering distance (Δ L).

Rp = √(h(2D-h) )+ ∆L(2D+ΔL) h ≥5m.
ΔL = V × ΔT
Rp: Conductor protection area radius
h : The distance between the point of conductor and the area to be protected
ΔT: Triggering time
D : Triggering distance according to the NF C 17-102 standard
D value is: D= 20 Level-1
     D= 30 Level-2
     D= 45 Level-3
     D= 60 Level-4
     ΔL(m) = v (m/ µs). ΔT(m/µs)

Protection Radius Table

ESE conductors h=Conductors tip height (m)
2 3 4 5
C20 20 30 40 50
C40 24 35 47 58
C60 32 49 66 82
C25 23 37 45 56
C40 26 39 52 65
C60 36 54 72 90
C25 26 39 52 65
C40 30 45 60 75
C60 40 60 80 100
C25 29 43 58 72
C40 34 50 67 84
C60 44 66 88 110

Cosmos Eselc :

C 25 DA 01- 0164 Stainless Steel
C 40 DA 01- 0165 Stainless Steel
C 60 DA 01- 0166 Stainless Steel

Lightning Strike Counters :

COSMOS DA 01- 0172

  • The Lightning Conductor Unit, COSMOS® ESELC is ESE type. (ESE- Early Streamer Emmission)

  • The Lightning Conductor Unit, COSMOS ®ESELC fully comply with NF C 17-102 standards. The METU High Voltage Lab. Test report acc. to NF C 17-102 is available upon request.

  • Δ T trigger time advantage of COSMOS® ESELCfully comply with NF C 17-102 standards.

  • The COSMOS ® ESELChavea protection system on the active parts for prevention against lightning discharge. So, there is no requirement for additional connection elements, such as cables etc.

  • The COSMOS ® ESELCis designed as compact as possible to maintain installation and logistics advantage.